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Makedonia Palace (THESSALONIKI)

At Makedonia Palace, our company has successfully installed:
  • Audiovisual system in 6 conference halls consisting of 8 Video projectors with lifts, 8 4.5m & 3.5m screens and Full HD Multicast & Audio signal distribution via Matrix.
  • PA system in all common areas of the hotel, consisting of “Frameless” speakers and enhanced sound in BAR indoor & outdoor, with GARVAN ACOUSTICS speakers



Magic Life Club Hotel ( PLIMMIRI RODOS)

At Magic Life Club Hotel in Rhodes Flood, our company has successfully installed:

  • Call Center 600 internal subscribers. The installation consists of 7 nodes which are interconnected with optical fiber. BABY CALL capability.
    The synchronization of the individual nodes of the T / C is via satellite.
  • DECT equipment. Coverage of all hotel areas
  • Public address system.
  • Shutdown & Certification optical and copper network
  • Active Network & Wifi Equipment. Coverage of all communal spaces and rooms.
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