Telecommunication Systems

Over 20 years of company and 40 years of specialization in telecommunication systems. Large installed system base and high quality in our services are some of the elements that distinguish us in the business world


The company NORMATELECOM SA is active in the marketing and installation of integrated telecommunications solutions (datavoice), audiovisual systems (audiovisual), conference systems, security systems & network installations. With many years of experience in the design, design, installation and maintenance of the systems mentioned above, the company provides reliable and fully functional solutions. Guided by high quality, excellent service, innovative technology and integrated services, NORMATELECOM SA provides customers with a unique experience for systems of all sizes.


Official distributor of Avaya GmbH, Ericsson - LG & Platan throughout Greece.



In collaboration with the largest manufacturers - official representative of the company Fonestar.



Projection screens with LED video walls up to complex conference systems etc.


Conference Systems

Professional conference systems, simultaneous translation systems, video conferencing systems, etc.


Security Systems

CCTV, analog-digital solutions, Alarm systems etc.



Complete solutions for wired DATA network applications & wireless Wi-Fi solutions etc.



Blue Lagoon (Kalives Chalkidiki)

  • Call Center 500 internal
  • DECT equipment
  • Loudspeaker system of common areas
  • Professional Sound Equipment
  • Projector System
  • CCTV
  • Termination & Certification of Optical and Copper network
  • Active Network & Wifi Equipment

Telecommunication Systems

Telecommunication Systems

Mayor Hotels & Resorts (Corfu)

  • LA GROTTA VERDE (Call Center for 600 internal subscribers (The system consists of 450 IP phones)
  • CAPO DI CORFU (Call Center for 380 internal subscribers)
  • MON REPOS PALACE “ART HOTEL” (Call Center for 160 internal subscribers. The system consists of 10 IP phones.)

Magic Life Club Hotel (Plimmiri Rhodes)

  • 600 Internal Call Center
  • DECT Equipment
  • Public space loudspeaker system (MATRIX Audio)
  • Termination & Certification of Optical and Copper network
  • Active Network & Wifi Equipment (Coverage of all common areas and rooms)

Telecommunication Systems

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