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For telecommunication systems, contact one of our representatives by sending an email to the following contact form.

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    D. Glinou 5G, PC:54628, Menemeni

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    Anneon 2, PC: 14341, Nea Filadelfia

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    Eu. Napoleontos 28, PC: 49 100

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    Learn more about Norma Telecom systems by contacting us in Athens, Thessaloniki and Corfu. Our representatives can give you solutions related to telecommunications systems, security, etc. We procure from the best and our proposals have a direct impact on your business.

    Improve your infrastructure based on the technologies of the future. Upgrade your services and the image of your business. You will receive suggestions, immediate help and service from us. We undertake the installations and the support of our systems having in mind the satisfaction of our customers. Immediate communication and fast service. We have the certifications for a safe and efficient work.

    Finally, on our website you can find out about our suppliers and the solutions we propose for each case. Essentially you will find complete solutions that include visual, sound, security etc. Learn more about the company from the profile page and find out about our actions from our news. See our projects and our progress in the field of telecommunications and systems.

    You can find out about the company's news, its actions and its new collaborations through social networks. In the facebook and the twitter.