NORMA TELECOM A.E. has been active in the telephony sector for thirty years as it has the most trained and experienced staff in the field of telecommunications. This experience, the large installed base of its systems, as well as the high quality of its services, have ranked it among the first large companies in this field. It is the official representative of Avaya GmbH, Ericsson - LG & Platan throughout Greece and can offer the most innovative in the field of telephony (ISDN / VOIP telephone systems).


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The Ericsson - LG application that turns every user's mobile phone into a call center. More specifically, iPECS UCS is a unified communications application that allows users to increase their productivity from anywhere with any device. Distribution in the work environment created significant challenges for employees and made it more difficult for them to connect remotely. Effective and efficient communications are vital for all businesses, offering better customer service, a competitive stay in the market and expanding their presence. IPECS UCS simplifies communication and improves productivity with a unified presence, instant messaging, voice, video, audio / video conferencing, sharing capabilities, etc. All collaboration tools are provided to ensure the secure delivery of messages to various devices such as desktops, tablets and smartphones. The flexible development model allows users to communicate and collaborate effectively while staying connected to the Internet, creating an ubiquitous work environment.