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We specialize in CCTV, analog-digital solutions, Intrusion & fire protection systems (FIRE) and Access Control systems. part of security systems. It is the official representative of Bosch Security and HIKVISION throughout Greece and offers the most innovative in the field of security.

Security Systems - CCTV

CCTV Norma Telecom
Security Systems CCTV
CCTV Hikvision Norma Telecom
Security Systems CCTV

More specifically, New technologies of quality & resolution of IP & analogue image, for image resolution up to 8mp. Operation in low light (day / night) and with absolute darkness (IR-LEDS) so that there is no point in your business or home that not to be monitored. By choosing the reliability and quality of Hikvision, Bosch & Milesight on the premises, we offer the most innovative part of CCTV systems.


IVMS Norma Telecom

IVMS mobile client software can be used to remotely monitor real-time video from a built-in DVR, NVR, network camera, network speed dome camera and wireless network decoder, to record recording files and to perform PT control.


Συστήματα Συναγερμού
Συστήματα Συναγερμού Norma Telecom

Statistics say that alarm systems are the best deterrent against 75% of potential hazards. They are more flexible than any security guard, more loyal than any guard dog! With the use of modern detectors and the simplicity of the operation of the systems, false alarms are prevented to a minimum. Normatelecom A.E cooperating with giant companies in the field of alarm systems such as PARADOX, SATEL & Bosch Security offers security and technological innovation.


Συστήματα Ελέγχου Πρόσβασης Norma Telecom

Bosch Security flexible access control systems, which do not allow uninvited guests to enter your business, while protecting your property and staff. Authorized persons are allowed to enter using a card, password or even a fingerprint.


Συστήματα Πυρανίχνευσης

Integrated-Innovative, fire detection systems for every application. Solutions that are designed to detect fire as early as possible and in combination with other security systems (Fire-Public Address), ensure the integrity of human life.

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