The company NORMA TELECOM SA is active in the marketing of telecommunications, security, audio and multimedia systems and the provision of maintenance and technical support services of the above systems. The basic principle and commitment of the Management, but also of each employee is the provision of products and services that meet the requirements of customers, but also the relevant legislation. To achieve this goal the company develops and implements a Quality System according to the standard (ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2015) and is committed to providing the resources for its proper operation and continuous improvement of its efficiency. This is not only a need for competition but also a decision that expresses the awareness of the Management. This sets the quality targets, which are reviewed at regular intervals. To achieve these goals, Management is committed to ensuring:

  • Establish goals and monitor them.
  • The necessary facilities and equipment of the departments.
  • The staffing of the departments.
  • The continuous training of the staff.
  • The good relationship with suppliers - partners.
  • Respecting the wishes of customers.

With these basic principles, the Management documents its policy regarding the quality of its products and services and undertakes to follow it in all stages of its operation, while monitoring its implementation.