Loudspeaker Systems

Η Norma Telecom AE, has a lot of experience in the field of sound with loudspeaker systems. Provides complete high quality audio solutions. The products (loudspeaker systems) cover every requirement, whether it is for home applications or for professional sound. Learn more about the company's sound systems including loudspeakers. Contact one of our representatives at the bottom of the page. Alternatively fill in the contact form here

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Complete high quality audio solutions, with products that meet every requirement, whether it is for home applications or professional sound. In cooperation with the largest manufacturers and as the official representative of the Spanish company Fonestar, we provide specialized solutions that cover every special need. Ideal for conference centers, amphitheaters, schools, hotels, nightclubs, stadiums, etc.



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Fonestar has its own Matrix systems management program so that the correct configuration can be done based on the needs of each installation. The Matrix version function allows real-time input / output signal processing parameters, zone allocation, signal level input weakening, automatic mixing, device name to be changed, and factory reset to be reset. By default.