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Sound Systems (Public Address & Professional Audio), amplifiers and speakers installation, announcements systems and voice systems for emergency evacuation (Praesidio – Voice Alarm – Matrix Sound – Plena Easy Line) & Translation and Conference Systems.

NORMA TELECOM A.E. gives a solution in the field of sound systems. We are an official agency of Bosch and Fonestar.

Praesideo is the number one system for demanding applications for public announcements and voice systems for emergency evacuation. The high sound quality, the adaptability and making always improvements, Praesideo is the leader in the market place.





The Publi Address & Voice Alarm series of Plena is an ideal solution for evacuation, using automatic broadcasting of messages and music (BMG) for a variety of countries, schools, hotels, malls, factories, offices and for other similar establishments where the public security is essential. It is completly compliant with EN54-16 and ISO 7240-16, for an extensive range of 120 zones




The digital sound system PLENA matric gives the opportunity to the user to enjoy with the amazing audio performance from 8 different music sources (live music, Mp3 etc.) using wireless control up to 8 zones (places). PLENA matrix provides an integrated control of digital sound.







High quality audio amplifiers by Easy Line serie of Plena. It is an ideal choice for small and medium applications. It can be installed and supported easilty.





Different types of high quality speakers are available by Bosch. The low cost profile and the design are some of the features of these speakers.






Channel Selectors, Cables, Speaker and microphone stands, etc.

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