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Security systems

We specialize in  Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV), analog-digital solutions, alarm systems (Intrusion) & fire systems and Access Control Systems.

Besides the field of telecommunications, NORMA TELECOM A.E. has trained staff in security systems. It is also an agency of Bosch Security and HIKVISION across Greece and it can provide the most innovative solutions in security. In detail:


New quality technologies & image analysis IP & analogue, to analyze image up to 5mp. It also works on dim lighting (day/night) and in  absolute darkness (IR-Leds). So, it can cover all the range of your business or your home. It also supports high definition.





Researches in statistics indicate that security systems is the best deterrent against of 75% of possible dangares. They are more flexible than custodians, and more trusty than a dog ! Using modern detectors and easy system functions, the fake alarms are prevented as it possible it can.





Flexible systems controling the access, that prevent the entry in the company to uninvited guests, protecting your property. The access is for authorized persons using a card, password or a fingerprint






Fire detection systems tha you should use anywhere. These systems are able to detect fire as soon as possible and combining the systems with the rest security systems (Firefighting – Public Address), they ensure the integrity of human life.


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