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NORMA TELECOM A.E. was established in January 1996 by its executives BOSCH TELECOM A.E. (ex TELENORMA) with more than four decades of experience in the field of telecommunications. This experience, the large installed base of its systems, as well as the high quality of its services, have ranked it among the first big companies in this field.

The activities of NORMA TELECOM A.E extend to a wide range of data-voice and audio-visual products. 

  • ISDN Telephone Systems

  • IP, QSIC, VoIP, CTI, CSTI Applications

  • Business and Hotel Software and Programs

  •  CCTV

  • Anti-theft and anti-fire systems

  • Speaker Systems & BGM

  • Conference & Wireless Translation Systems

  • Projection and Presentation Systems

  • Wireless Internet Access (Wi-Fi)

  • Sister Calling Systems (Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Centers)

  • Wireless Ordering Systems


The large installed base of the above systems, its experience, as well as the high quality of its services, have ranked it among the first big companies in this field. It should be noted in particular that the company has specialized personnel to undertake studies.

NORMA TELECOM A.E. provides its services before and after sale. With the continuous training of its staff, as well as its resellers, it always stands by its customers.

The services it provides start from the installation of a simple wiring network up to the installation of software and the implementation of integrated projects of weak currents.

ISO Certification

Product & Service Quality Policy

The company NORMA TELECOM SA is engaged in the marketing of telecommunications, security, audio and multimedia
systems and the provision of maintenance and technical support for the above systems. The basic principle and
commitment of the Management, but also of every employee, is the provision of products and services that meet
customer requirements as well as the relevant legislation. In order to achieve this goal, the company
develops and applies a Quality System in accordance with the standard (ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2015) and
undertakes to provide resources for its good functioning and continuous improvement of its effectiveness.
This is not just a need for competition but also a decision that expresses the awareness of the Administration.
This sets the quality objectives, which are reviewed at regular intervals. To achieve these goals, Management
commits itself to ensuring:

  1. Establish goals and monitor them.
  2. The necessary facilities and the equipment of the departments.
  3. Staffing of departments.
  4. Continuous training of staff.
  5. Good relationship with vendors – partners.
  6. Respecting customer wishes.

Based on these principles, Management documents its policy regarding the quality of its products and services
and undertakes to follow it at all stages of its operation, while monitoring its implementation.

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